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Solving Horse Behavior Problems - DVD Videos

A horse's behavior problems can make the difference between enjoyment and frustration or even result in serious injury. Dr. Miller has been working with horses and solving problems as a colt starter, as an equine veterinarian for half a century, and as a breeder and trainer of horses and mules. Now he brings this life time of experience together in a series of videos designed to help you prevent and solve problems. In addition, Dr. Miller helps you to understand how to increase safety and prevent injury to you, your horse, and to others.

These videos will not only help you solve specific problems, but will help you understand how horses think, help you to work safely with horses, and make you a better horsemen.

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Click The titles below for more information and to order:

Understanding Horses - Understand how horses think and how to use that knowledge to solve problems and improve behavior

Influencing The Horse's Mind - Focuses on how to handle specific problems

Safer Horsemanship - How to safely work around horses

Control Of The Horse - For professionals who work with horses


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Understanding Horses
Understanding Horses

Influencing the Horse
Influencing the Horse

Safer Horsemanship
Safer Horsemanship

Control of The Horse
Control of The Horse