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Cowboy Dressage: "Dances With Cows"
Cowboy Dressage: "Dances With Cows"

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Cowboy Dressage: "Dances With Cows" DVD

This is one of Dr. Miller's favorite videos, not as a training aid, but for the extraordinary cinematography. Created by clinician Eitan Beth-Halachmy of the beautiful Wolf Creek Ranch, it is "eye candy" for any horse lover. From spotlight performances to working with cattle in Upton, Wyoming this video is a visual equine masterpiece. Available only on DVD.

 "A Sensory Master piece. If you thrill to great music, wonderful scenery, and to beautiful horses performing majestically in response to a gifted horseman, buy this DVD. You'll never tire of watching it."
~  Dr. Robert M. Miller

Come see Dr. Miller and Eitan in May 2007 at their seminar in the beautiful Santa Inez valley. For more information on "AN INVITATION TO AN ADVENTURE IN LIGHTNESS - Equine Learning: From Birth to Maturity". Visit

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Cowboy Dressage: Poetry In Motion #1
Cowboy Dressage: Poetry In Motion #1