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Dr. Miller on Horse Behavior & Solving Horse Behavior Problems

Dr. Miller has been working with horses and solving problems as a colt starter, as an equine veterinarian for half a century, and as a breeder and trainer of horses and mules. He is one of the pioneers in the concept of NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP and has worked closely with many of the world's top clinicians. Dr. Miller's works compliment those of the clinicians by providing the scientific reasons for WHY their techniques work in a non-technical and refreshingly easy to understand way. Dr. Miller has also helped thousands of people to understand and solve common behavior problems of the horse.

Horse Behavior Problems - The Video Collection

Understanding Horse Behavior - The 'Secrets' of The Horse's Mind

See Dr. Miller on YouTube

Have a hard to catch horse? Dr. Miller shows how to train your horse to come to you when you enter a corral.

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Dr. Miller's Works on Equine Behavior

Understanding Horses
Understanding Horses

*OUR BEST SELLER* Secrets of the Horse's Mind
*OUR BEST SELLER* Secrets of the Horse's Mind

Influencing the Horse
Influencing the Horse

Safer Horsemanship
Safer Horsemanship

Control of The Horse
Control of The Horse