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Cowboy Dressage: Poetry In Motion #1

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Item # V-POETRY1

Cowboy Dressage" Poetry in Motion #1
Understanding the Horse From the Inside Out

An explanation of equine anatomy and how it effects performance including a dynamic video illustration of footfall at all gaits and its significance to proper riding technique.

"Eitan has produced and narrated a new video that is a work of art, but, more important, a work of tremendous value to any rider. Beautifully illustrated with videography and animation, this video will help any serious rider, regardless of whether they are expert or relatively novice, to understand how they can get the most out of their mount".... Robert M Miller DVM

"There are videos and then there are videos and I have seen hundreds of them, but none like this one. If you would like to ride a better horse, here is the place to start. Step by step with the best horseman I know.  You can't show me a video comparable.".... Jack Brainard

This Poetry In Motion DVD is "student friendly" with menu and chapter selections for easy review and learning.

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