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Dr. Miller on Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship ExplainedNatural Horsemanship ExplainedThe Revolution in Horsemanship is sweeping the horse world. In this new book Dr. Miller explains how and why it works, advances certain concepts which most horse people are unaware of, and reveals how “lightness” is best achieved.

The Revolution in Horsemanship-SORRY SOLD OUTThe Revolution in Horsemanship-SORRY SOLD OUTThe fascinating book by Dr. Miller and co-author Rick Lamb (Host of the radio broadcast The Horse Show). They document the extraordinary events of the past quarter century which are changing the ancient art of horsemanship from training to riding, tack, medicine, and more. Most significant, they suggest that the communication skills involved in this remarkable change can be used to facilitate human relationships.

The Revolution in Horsemanship-SORRY SOLD OUT

A few words from our fans:
"Your words speak so clearly to me. I like simple, scientific, fact-based information. I do not like hype and mystery. Each day I go to the barn with your information in mind and a few notes. The results are measurable." ~ Elise Backinger, Colorado

"I bought the book The Revolution in Horsemanship and after reading was convinced that it was a must read for all horse people. Because of that book I then bought Natural Horsemanship Explained which I have read twice and am currently on my third read. I have recommended these books to pretty much every person who I help with their horsemanship. My library is overflowing and I think it is close to the best." ~ Will A. Clinical Physician and avid horseman.
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Natural Horsemanship Explained
Natural Horsemanship Explained

The Revolution in Horsemanship-SORRY SOLD OUT
The Revolution in Horsemanship-SORRY SOLD OUT